Terry Hershey Park, Houston, Texas (2015)

Terry Hershey Park, Houston, Texas. Land of Yellow and Green (2015) | Flickr The land occupied by  Terry Hershey Park  was acquired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1940s. Located along the banks of Buffalo Bayou and South Mayde Creek, the park spans 500 acres and features some of the nicest on and off-road bike trails in Texas. Several images follow:

Bull Creek, Austin, Texas (5-12-2019)

Bull Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River originating in the Texas Hill Country. The creek passes through some of the more scenic areas in the Austin region and forms a greenbelt that is the habitat for many indigenous species of flora and fauna. It runs beneath steep slopes and benches surfaced with shallow clay loams that support ashe juniper, escarpment live oak, mesquite, and grasses. (Wp) Bull Creek, Austin, Texas (5-12-2019) | Flickr Several images follow: